Hampstead Heath, London's Countryside

Hampstead Heath, London's Countryside


Hampstead Heath, London’s Countryside, is beautiful hardcover book by award winning photographer Matthew Maran, with over 120 photographs of the wildlife and landscapes of Hampstead Heath. The book is broken up into seasons, and the photos are accompanied with information about the Heath’s birds and wildlife, conservation efforts, and much more.

Matthew said about the book:

“Nature photography has taken me to some of the most beautiful national parks and wilderness areas in the world – I’ve witnessed the great migration in east Africa, humpback whales breaching in the Pacific Ocean and observed primates at close quarters in the rain forests of South America.

Photographing the wildlife and landscapes of Hampstead Heath has been equally exhilarating. This 800 acre ancient park is just 5km from the London city centre and boasts an incredible variety of plants and animals. Over the last four years it has been my mission to capture the beauty and diversity of this special green space and through a beautiful collection of images I have achieved this.”


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