This is the official map of Hampstead Heath from the City of London. It shows you locations of tube, overground (railway) and bus stops, as well as all the Heath’s main sights and features you’ll read about on this site.


How to get here.

The Northern Line will be easiest if you are coming from the centre of London, and the Overground will likely be the better option if you’re coming from the east or west. The bus usually takes a little longer but its a nicer way to get about the city if you can spare the time.

Check the London Tube map or visit the Citymapper site (or better, download their app) to find your route.

TUBE & overground

Take the Overground to:

  • Hampstead Heath, to the south west, on the edge of the Heath

  • Gospel Oak, to the south east, 1 minute walk

Take the Northern Line to:

  • Hampstead, to the west, 10 minutes walk

  • Golders Green, to the north for Golders Hill Park and the Heath Extension, 10 minutes walk

  • Tufnell Park or Kentish town, to the south east, both around 14 minutes walk.


The best bus options are the C2, C11, H3, 24, 46, 168, 210, 214 or 268, depending on where you’re coming from. See the map above for stopping locations. Again, Citymapper will tell you whether there’s an easy bus route you can catch from your location.

Opening hours.

Hampstead Heath itself is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - there are no gates that close that could ever shut you out. The only exceptions are Golders Hill Park, which opens every day at 7:30am and closes between 4:30 and 10pm depending on the time of year, and the Hill Garden and Pergola which opens at 8:30am and closes between 3:30 and 8:15pm - you can find specifics here and here respectively.