Flowering Shrubs & Plants of The Heath - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Flowering Shrubs & Plants of The Heath

The Heath contains a rich natural flora.

These references are based on findings by The London Natural History Society's 1997 and 2003 survey of flowering plants and ferns growing on Hampstead Heath.

Over 650 different species were found at that time.

These pages and, in fact, the original survey excludeThe Kenwood Kitchen Garden, the Pergola and Hill Gardens, the ornamental grounds of Golders Hill Park and that section of the Athlone House Gardens that was added to The Heath.

There are interesting historical references that show that some species of flowering plants and ferns have their roots well dug into the ancient history of Hampstead Heath.

These results are NOT necessarily precise for the current year but the lists on the following pages include all those species occurring on The Heath at the time of the survey and is an excellent reference for interest.

Some species will have been alien originally, some accidental introductions and some garden escapes.

Conservation schemes, such as the relaying of paths and their borders, will have had impact on actual numbers and varieties.

Occurrences were plotted in units of one square meter, so the reader will see a column for the amount of units of 100m sq. that may have been adjacent or at separate locations on The Heath.

The main purpose of this section is to produce an index that both specialists and non-specialists can easily refer to in order to identify a particular plant they have seen or, indeed, wish to see!

The following sections contain species in the alphabetical order of their Latin names.

This enables the reader to see related species in one area of a particular table.

HOWEVER, there is an English to latin conversion chart on each page for readers wishing to identify in such a way.

The reader can click on the English names to reveal a pop-up picture of that particular species.

(Specific locations have not been included here in order to protect rare and scarce flora.
A more detailed account can be obtained from The Society.)

The slides below show just a few of the species that are described on the following pages.

ALL Hampstead Heath species can be seen by clicking on the ENGLISH names of the various flowering shrubs and plants to reveal the images of the species concerned.

Please let us know if there are any species that you have seen on The Heath that may not be represented here!

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