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Nigel observes that:
"All the scents and weathers and the tinctured wildness and the careful conservation of Hampstead Heath are reminiscent of those same qualities enjoyed in younger days. In childhood one takes for granted; in later life one remembers more vividly and it is possible to see, feel and hear that childhood in every corner of The Heath.

NIGEL was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and educated at Woodhouse Grove School, Bradford, and Liverpool University.

He moved to London in 1968 and has been residing in central London since 1978.

Having been brought up on the borders of Derbyshire, Nigel has always had fond memories of the countryside around his home town and as a child he enjoyed the freedom of open spaces and the awareness of the dual character of the northern city and its rural proximity.

Nigel discovered Hampstead Heath a few years ago and, like many others before him, The Heath has become a place to stroll and enjoy and to escape the built up areas of the urban London he resides in.

This website is a testament to all that Nigel enjoys about The Heath: its ecology, its people and the deep sense of history and emotion that pervades every aspect of this wonderful place.

Interwoven with this greatest of awareness is the equally strong sense of others' hopes and joys and sadnesses entwined in the very fabric of The Heath and, pausing to rest upon a bench, inscribed forever in its wood are words of remembrance that show those same strong feelings calling to us from a done and distant history."


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